Woodberry Walking Tour

This event is no longer on sale.

Saturday September 24

10:30 AM  –  12:00 PM

Join the BMI, Baltimore Heritage, and the Ivy Bookshop for a walking tour of historic Woodberry, once home to the largest machine shop and iron works in the country, with Jones Falls historian Nathan Dennies. Discover how the site of the Poole & Hunt Machine Shop and Iron Works has changed over its 150-year history and meet artisans working in the metal industry today. After the tour, participants are invited to gather at Pariah Brewing for a social hour where they have the opportunity to purchase “The Metalworkers: A History of Robert Poole and his Ironworks in 19th-Century America,” by Steven C. Swett.

This tour is part of the BMI’s “Metalworkers in Maryland” program series, which seeks to explore the history of metal industries in Baltimore and beyond by focusing on the workers who powered it.